The cottage is dead, long live the cottage.

Ok, so we cant help messing with it.

Look, we can all hark after the old days, but time has really taken its toll on this place. The roof leaks, the timbers are rotting, the sheep keep sheltering in the outside loo. It’s falling apart and we have to fix it if it’s going to make it through the next decade. Plus we are here now for a visit in December, and its not funny cold and damp, its grim actually.

Its getting pretty draughty round here

Its getting pretty draughty round here

We all know whats really special about Port, and we cant  mess with that – so  relax everybody.  The wicked seas, the scary cliffs, the banshee wind, being barefoot in the soft soft bogs…

The cottage is only relevant when you need that little bit of food or shelter, so we’re just going to make it do what it’s meant to. Hot water, fires that actually warm the place, somewhere to cook where we dont risk cholera. And oops yes, we do want to charge our phones and get on the internet…. occasionally. Imagine, if we achieve this, we’ll never have to leave….

And then we’ll make sure any changes dont mess with the landscape. We’ll be totally eco, and not do anything at all nasty or ugly. We’ll blend it right in, we’ll keep it old looking and quaint and organic, and within a couple of years youll have forgotten we even changed it. TRUST US.

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