Spill the Port beans

Though Port is very secret, there is a whole tribe  who lay claim to it for one reason or another, and know a few things…. dont you?

not just  the text-book history/geology/biology,   I’d love to hear the personal histories. Not only from people whove lived here, but anyone with a connection.

Ships that passed in the night?

Ships that passed in the night?

Roland remembers a German traveller he met here once who would take one white round beach pebble back to Germany with him every time he came – apparently there is a huge pile of them in his apartment in Stuuttgart, is it?

I want to  gather you and your tales all together, like they bring the sheep into the ruined cottage next door.

Right now, you are just ships that pass in the night, shadows on the beach – so please stake your claim here.

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