A kind friend just sent something he found (sorry, not sure yet of the source):

“In Spenser’s Images of Life, CS Lewis coined the term “donegality.” ….

…Lewis thought that many places, like many books, had an indefinable quality, – hard to put into words, but unmistakable.  London has its peculiar ‘Londonness’ and Donegal has its ‘Donegality’. ….

….Ward further deploys the encompassing term “donegality” (which Lewis coined in his lesser read posthumous work, Spenser’s Images of Life), to denote this state or quality underlying and encapsulating Lewis’ philosophy of Enjoyment, a total immersive experiencing of something ….

Donegality is the atmosphere to be Enjoyed, so pervasive that it is unnoticeable, because we are constantly experiencing it.”

The friend adds:

“Is there anywhere more blessed with Narnian Donegality than Port??????????”

Dead on.

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