Rockwell Kent and Port

Annie McGinley at Port

This is a painting by the American artist, Rockwell Kent, of the woman he  is thought to have fallen in love withduring a summer he spent in Donegal in 1926.

The visual impact of Donegal was not lost on Kent who was fascinated by the dynamic and constantly changing play of light  between the skies, seas and brooding valleys.

Annie is pictured here on the heathered cliff top just above the bay, her home.  She was born, and lived in our cottage.

He also painted the cottage – but I haven’t been able to find a reproduction, just yet.

Rockwell found his way to the dark, moody , very isolated valley just north over the hill from Port.

Here he met Dan and Rose Ward, who lived here totally alone, presiding over one thousand acres of peat and bog.

The Wards owned a small cottage that was in deep disrepair and was being used as a cow shed. Rockwell rented the oneroom ruin, evicted the cow, and once again transformed a hovel into a home.

Just over a decade later, Dylan Thomas rented the same cottage, in an attempt to dry out – the pub was ten miles walk away. But the darkeness and the wildness of the valley drove him to the drink just the same.

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  1. eliza Says:

    hey babe….i found you :) – actually thanks to rol who is here and told me about the two sites; this one and killyon. fab. well done you guys. thought i’d be your first ever commenter :) . talk more on email xx

  2. admin Says:

    hey thanks so much for that. great to hear from u . would love to see u up there one day – it would suit you, think west kilimanjaro but ocean instead of plains, and heather instead of coffee. We also have facebook pages….check em out too.

  3. francie coyle Says:

    I think this is the cottage featured on the front cover of the Donegal Annual published this year by Donegal Historical Society which states “Glencolmcille, by Rothwell Kent, (Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg)”


  4. admin Says:

    thats really interesting…Ive been trying to track down his paintings, he just managed to capture that essence of donegal – what the author, CS Lewis, called Donegality…can you post a link to somewhere we can see details?

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