Things we do on dark nights 1

There are lots of dark nights here. We have electric light from the solar, wind turbine system – but at night, mostly we go for candlelight and lanterns.

Number 1 Dark Night Activity – Ibble dibble

Equipment required. Cork (provided), a lighted candle (provided) and a gang round the old wooden table,  lashings of fine wine.

Atmosphere: Good and cosy, stove lit, supper on.

Weather: Variable, but preferably  a big storm raging round the cottage and the sound of pelting rain on the tin roof.

What is an Ibble dibble: A mark normally on the face, made by a cork which has been scorched (and cooled) on the end creating a homemade charcoal stick.

Dear Lizzie -getting totally Ibble Dibbled

First person starts: I, (name), with no Ibble Dibbles give this Ibble Dibble to  Ibble Dibble (name of person who cork is handed to).

If you hesitate, stumble or get the number of Ibble Dibbles that you have on your face wrong , you are given another Ibble Dibble.

You also have to have another go. if you get through it, the cork goes to the person you selected, and they have their turn. Simple.

Not neccessarily. It’s the adults who screw up mostly (something to do with the wine? -Ed) , everytime you get it wrong, you get another Ibble Dibble , and it gets really hard to keep track.

One night it got so rowdy we think we gave the hampster a heart attack. She had a good life, may she rest in peace.

With thanks to Og and Jo, who taught us.

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