The Glengesh Rule (or how to drag kids away from electronics)

There is a stunning pass which we have to ride up on the way to Port from Ardara; it marks the beginning of the wilderness for us. By the time we reach the top of the pass. all electronic equipment has to be switched off – no phones, no nintendos, no ipods .

Ive always thought we were going to get a mutiny about this at some point. The kids accepted it when they were younger, but coming into teens I wondered about the complaints.

But  we don’t  have to push them to do it anymore – and  these are not wierd Amish children, they are as addicted to  their electronics and computer games, and Ipods and movies, as any normal teens.

In Port they know they do other stuff – make music, read,  play games, mess about, invent stuff, make things, like old fashioned children – not exactly get the Noahs Ark and samplers out, but definitely Enid Blyton stuff.

Like this: the homemade monopoly board

Geez how much fun can one family have?

But,  seriously, the Glengesh Rule – come here and practice it, it works.

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