Feedback from the summer

Our first season, unequivocally a huge success.It was great summer, basically.

The sun shone, it rained,  people passed through, and the tide came in and out, constant, reassuring,  like all was well with the world. And the world here in Port, is. It is a timeless place.

So far, the DIY holiday home concept is working. Everybody has left it impeccable. A blow for freedom from cleaning ladies, and well, you all got it, and loved it. Thanks, everybody, really.

There were three technical hitches – the gas camping fridge is temperamental but the default button is putting stuff in the outside larder, which works, and chilling wine/milk in the mountain cold streams.  If something glitched, people texted our technical team (er- me and Roland) and fixed it themselves – a triumph for self-sufficiency. And we only has to call in the cavalry (Conor, the plumber) once.

Here are some excerpts from the post holiday emails:

From Conor (not the plumber) :

Just a very quick note to thank you for a fantastic week in the Port.It really is a special place. We were looking to get away from everything and couldn’t have done it in a better place. I’ve a few pics i’ll email you with – just need to sort them all out first! Thanks again – you’ve created something very special with the cottage …

From Stephanie:

Just to say many thanks for letting us stay in the cottage at port and for making sure we had everything we needed. We had a really fantastic weekend, it is a very special place to chill out. I think that we left everything as we found it, and hope to return some time soon !

From Ashley:

We had an amazing time in the cottage at Port every thing was fine. The new gas was there but we didn’t use the fridge we decided to use the stream.
Plenty of hot water and lights at night.We had one little mishap on sat. night we were so excited when we arrived we ran outside
and left the keys on the table not knowing, my youngest shut the door tight, so off we set to find help,you can guess how hard that was driving through the sheep and at the end of the road we found the lovely Mary and her husband whom i never got his name, he came to the cottage and managed to crow bar the front door open with little or no damage hence the phone call. BIG SORRY but we taught we might find someone with a second key, everything was fine. The house was perfect when we arrived and same when we left. I want to thank you for letting your cottage to us we had a very fun and memorable holiday.

(Easy on the crowbar, in future, but very little damage done, and now we have spare keys sorted-Ed)

From Tom:

I cant find his feedback, I think he sent it by text, but he has a great turn of phrase and in the run up called it “a
quiet place at the rough edge of the old world.”
Love that.

Bookings are pouring in,now, makes me think we have something that people really want.  We are even already booked for three weeks next summer! But the best thing, actually, is sharing it. Thanks for all that came, and loved.

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