Donal Gilligan’s ultimate Pollock recipe

Donal joined us for Festivibbledibble last summer.  A restrained gathering of introverts – not.

Donal was so unforgettably enrolled in the whole thing, and consistently cheerful, fun and involved. he was also an extremely good cook, and the pollock he produced was beyond compare – we have been trying to make pollock taste good for years, he made it look so simple. Here’s his recipe.

Take the dangerously light blow-up canoe out into the bay and spend three hours with a hand line , trying not to get it hooked into the canoe, and bringing about rapid doom. Finally bring in two ocean fresh pollock.

Drag squeamish children down to the stream to gut them.

Spend at least half an hour sharpening the knife.

Fillet the fish.

Don’t bother to compete with the women for space at the stove, just bring the charcoal bucket in from the rain and spark up an inside barbecue. Get the most battered frying pan of all.

Simply melt butter in pan till frothy, flash fry the fillets quickly and add a squeeze of lemon. Do not at any point make a fuss, but do hum quietly.

Serve, and beam.

Donal, we’ll miss you next Festivibbledibble. Goodbye mate, and thanks for all the fish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. fionn Says:

    i ibbledibble fionn, with no ibbledibbles,give this ibbledibble to ibbledibble donal

  2. admin Says:

    xxxx all the way

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