I mink, therefore I ran.


5000 minks were recently on the run after the fences were cut at a mink farm (whole mink population 32,000!) in Ardara, a few miles from the cottage . Opinion is divided as to whether this was done by “animal liberation terrorists” or just some “young fellas from the dances”.

Cute- but just not from round 'ere

We spent an amazing hour last spring watching a mink female who must have taken up residence near the cottage. She would presumably have been the product of a previous break out. She was moving her brood from the granite slabs right by the sea, to better quarters up the stream. She would disappear into a crevice in the rock and then emerge with one of her young in her mouth, and carry it up into the streambed. She did this four times. She was white, hard-working, focused and very beautiful.

Bernie Wright of the Alliance for Animal Rights would have been happy to see this, I guess.  Of the recent mass exodus, he said, “We have nothing do with it. However, I commend whoever risked their freedom to do this as these animals have a horrendous life.”

And who indeed could begrudge their new found freedom?

Quite a few, it turns out.

An anglers spokesman was worried about the effect on local fish stocks  “The salmon spawning beds are fair game to mink. I am speaking as an angler, but this release will also have a huge effect on tourism in the area.”

For myself, Id like to speak up for a creature without a voice – the timid little Irish stoat who hangs out in our turf store. The mink, for all her glamour, is twice the size, an efficient killer and not indigenous. Our stoat wouldn’t have a hope in tough competition for food out here. Her livelihood would be very much threatened by an influx of bigger, stronger predators. Indeed, the presence of released minks all over Ireland has reduced stoat and pine marten numbers to critical levels.

The Irish Stoat - possible a member of the National Party

So next time, lads, if you love wildlife really, take some sacks with you and be prepared to repatriate those you release back to their  homelands far far away.

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