Port makes it to the movies

We’re a bit behind the times, here at the rough edge of the known world, but finally captured in full technicolor moving pictures, is :

The Road to Donegal ( and world premiere of Dust Angels music video) :

The ultimate road movie – captured in real time, of literally, our long and bumpy road -  seems odd,  but its one of things that makes this cottage what it is.

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In and Out and all over Port

A sneak look at the beach, fields, streams, bogs, and life inside and out of the cottage – without even having to go down the long and bumpy road.

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Just try the links, or paste the links into your browser, make some popcorn and spend the evening, or five minutes of it, with us.

2 Responses to “Port makes it to the movies”

  1. Sand Says:

    Loved your You Tube film of the road to Port. Please tell who did the music on it!

  2. admin Says:

    Hey thanks for that! The music is by a little known band called the Dust Angels based in Arusha, Tanzania, year of 2007 – now sadly disbanded. Lead singer Janelle Doria…and six others of us, including me, incredibly, on backing vocals…and the egg!

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