Back to her roots

We had many people come and stay in the last 12 months, and not only that, we’ve had contact with the ancestors….One nice man told me that his grandmother, Agnes DenisĀ  Mcginley, was born in this very cottage. Another lady from the States, that her great grandmother Annie Mcginley was born in the cottage.We’ll have to draw up a family tree for this cottage, it has

That would have been when there were three cottages in the valley. Now there is only one, the one that Roland’s parents renovated. The others are just ruins now, beaten by the Atlantic wind.

Anyway..I digress…of all the people we had visit this year, there was one extra special honoured guest…my niece. She is American on one side, English on the other, but her ancestors are Irish too, and when she was in the Donegal landscape, she just became part of it. Port does that to you, it gets inside you – but I envy those who have it in their genes.

My niece in her element

Here’s to anyone with a connection with the place, they are lucky indeed, and always welcome at our door.

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