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This was written by one of our guests – transposed by me (prob with a few typos!) for the keen fishermen amongst you here:

“Port is one of few places I know that you can have so much fun in a single day on lake/stream/sea – and without another soul around”

Flies that have worked at Port

In the bay:

On a rising tide. Off the rocks under the waterfall. Sand eel imitations chartreye – blue/green with red “big eyes”. Caught Pollock easily . Worth trying mackeral too.


In the pools running 1 km upstream from cottage:

71/2” brook rod no 5/6

10-12” leader with ½ lb tipped

-Sparkle dun & grey duster every time dry


Elkhair caddis – dead drift

-       skate

-       duo with pheasant tail (NZ dropper)

Grey duster(dry)

Tups indispensible (finished with goats scrotum hair)

Half stove (wet or downstream)


No success Klurkhammers?! Spiders (dozen at 4/5”)

Best catch in 10 days = 6”


Local lakes (Best catch over 3 sessions=6” – lots!

Speak to Gordon Young @hardware store in Ardara. Local patterns on 3 fly washing line.

Prefer dua –EHC +nymph

-       sinbgle wet = Mallards Claret

*Apparently no issue with access – chat to the farmer in the cottage @lake up the road (Tom Mcgara/Columba Malloy)

Local guys prefer spinning


Salmon and Sea trout

License and weekly permits from Owenea Fishery in Glenties

E200.00 a week

9 beats – salmon good &best April/May

-sea trout good last few years (strict G+R)

_mostly grilse best in aug/sep


Thanks to the one and only John Berry!

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