We are the Purcell family. father (Roland), mother (Zoe), two now teenage kids and two dogs, commonly known as the Hounds of Hell. We are not particularly normal – having spent a formative twenty years in Tanzania, running our own safari camps.

two of us then

two of us then

The camps are pretty luxurious in a bush sort of way (You can check out www.nomad-tanzania.com to see some of them) but we emerged recognizing that natural things bring the biggest pleasures.

this big enough for you?

this empty enough for you?

We’ve been living back in Ireland for five years now, but we still feel much more at home roughing it in the wild, so Port is now our wilderness escape, and keeps us sane. (We still sneak off to Africa quite a lot.)

Bush life equipped us fairly well for a cottage with no mains services. All the cottage off-grid systems – Roland installed all water, wind and solar power himself – was educated by the necessities of living independent and self sufficient lives miles from anywhere. We don’t mind being remote – in fact we seek it out.

Port suits us. It may not be the equator, and it may rain a bit, but apart from that, it makes us feel at home.

Ireland, like being in Africa but with more clothes on

At play in the lamplight

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