September 25, 2012 Cathryn Thompson

We had a wonderful trip and I can tell you that we’re in love with the cottage! The weather was great as well. Lots of sunshine.

We’ll definitely come back!!

August 4 2012 Andy Kosmaczewski

“We’ve just got back home after a rather circuitous return journey. Thank you so much for enabling to stay in such a wonderful place. As soon as we arrived we fell in love with your cottage, oohing and aahing from room to room, and will look back very fondly on our time there. We have the greatest respect for the hard work and ingenuity that you have evidently put into this project.

The weather was indeed mixed but that didn’t detract from the experience; strangely, it seemed to enhance it – a day of enforced incarceration on Tuesday merely emphasised the freedom granted to us on other days, while the storm on Friday was quite spectacular. In any case there was plenty of dry weather to climb, swim and walk to our hearts’ content.

I’m a little tired to shape and sequence my impressions properly, but there was much else that was uplifting or endearing: the changing moods of the sea, the sunsets, the unceasing circling of the sheep around the cottage.”


July 30 2012 Veronika Grosse

“Since our return from Port some weeks back I always wanted to write to you but as always one dives back into the daily routine….
Anyways now I finally have some time and I wanted to tell you how much me Jerry and our two boys enjoyed your house!
We were inspired by the simplicity ….and as we have been doing places up in the past ourselves…we appreciated every detail!
A truly unique place and we hope to come back in years to come!

Best regards to wherever you are”


June 26 2012 S. Askin

“Everything great, house perfect”


June 23, 2012 J.Berry

“The last fortnight was such a real pleasure…very special”


21 December 2011 W. Elettera

back from port donegal…. back in busyness and pressure from all sides..

now i can make a small reflection of the days near the sea…

it was the right thing for the right moment…it was brilliant..

exept electric power….doesn´t work so fine..but anyway..

warm water i had a little bit…enough for little washing…but anyway..

the rest worked very well…. and so i my say thank you for this wonderful days…

ZOE’S NOTE: Yup, we have had a few teething problems on power and hot water and when there have been problems, people have reverted to more primitive methods…heating water on the stove, and using candlepower, like we always used to.  We’ve been reassured by almost everyone that it hasn’t been a bother and actually adds to the experience but  have been refining and simplifying the alternative systems in the last few months nevertheless – and we reckon they’re well up to scratch now, even for the toughest of winters.


November 2012 T.Hughes

“I had a brilliant time out in your cottage, what a special place.
I went out for massive hikes and explored the peninsula. I lived on porridge and thick beefy stew and drank delicious tea made with your delicious water. I stretched my legs in front of the stove in the evening and read your wonderful selection of books, and slept like a baby. Just heavenly.”

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